Easy ways to make your HESCOM payments

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The Any time payment (ATP) machines at the HESCOM offices were some kind of a boon for the consumers for the payment of their dues. But as the system has failed now citizens have to stand in Queue to pay the bills since May 2017. Since April the HESCOM has not been able to re-operate them again for reasons only known to him.

Since May 1, the ATP machines have become defunct. In total there are eight ATP machines in different locations of city. Apart from them, people can also pay the electricity bills at the Belagavi one centres. But sources have cleared that the contract of ‘Ad electronics’ an agency which running these ATP machines from past five years ended on April 31.

Modes of payment the easy way

Visit the Belagavi One centres

Pay via

Pay via Paytm

For citizens who arent Internet banking friendly can use the Belagavi one centres apart from the HESCOM payment windows.


The site however charges an online transaction fee and the cheapest option there is the use of Internet banking where one is charged a flat rate Rs.5 per +GST for any amount. Debit card, crredit cards payment options have a % charge which will be very high.

The best is via Paytm, as there would be no extra charges to be paid hence it will be very beneficial for all, just you will need to have a Paytm account.

The process is very simple, log on to or use the App and select the Electricity icon, select HESCOM, enter your consumer code and it will retrieve your bill with name and other details.

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