Educating The Underprivileged Kids

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by Fr. Motiram Bardeskar S. J. Alias Matthew Bardeskar

In 1991 I encountered this village called Sangargalli a remote village near Gunji, in Khanapur taluka. I was coming as a Novice from Desur to teach Catechism to the little ones. Today these whom I taught catechism and value education are grown up. Their kids need a good education as well as good Road facilities. Why should only City Kids enjoy all the Facilities, Good Education, Good Transport facilities? Good Roads & have all the Fun? Almost most of the families in Sangargargalli are working in the fields and also as daily laborers. Simple and hardworking ever loving and hospitable Families leaving in Harmony with each other. Its been a month now that I am here assigned as a Headmaster in St. Paul’s English Medium Primary School Sangargalli. A Jesuit Mission educating the Underprivileged kids from Villages.

In this village, there is Marathi medium high school in Gunji and a primary school in Sangargalli. The nearest English medium school is in Khanapur which is at a distance of 12 kilometers, furthermore, the neglected village roads are in such a dilapidated state that travel to Khanapur is backbreaking, tiresome and time-consuming. therefore the handful of students who have a high caliber for pursuing intellectual study have been going to distance walking in the Jungle to schools. the acute shortage of English mediums schools, the shortage of transport facilities and the lack of facilities in the rustic remote underdeveloped villages, saps the little interest lingering in children to go to schools. Majority of the budding pupil’s drop out of school because of the piling difficulties and demands of fieldwork, and most of them go to their fields, graze the cattle and also are Truck Drivers and daily Labourers.


Jesuits of the Goa Province along with the well-wishers and Benefactors feel enthusiastic to shoulder this daunting task of educating these forgotten kids in these remote villages to go to schools. Recognizing the need for education, and feeling left behind in the modern world, many parents have approached us and have pleaded with us, to start an English medium school. taking up the challenge we have started this English medium primary school at Sangargalli. 13 villages around Sangargalli at a distance of 3 to 6 kilometres, are benefiting from this endeavor.

At present, the nursery, the lower kindergarten, and upper kindergarten are going on for the past 3 years. 2 years ago we have managed to obtain the permission and recognition for starting the English medium primary school to the 5th standard. Last year we have started the 1st standard in our church hall and this year we have started the 2nd standard.

We have got the necessary permission from the provincial and the panchayats (local bodies) for constructing the school building.

The new school building will consist of

a) Five classrooms, b) Headmaster’s office, c) Staff room, d)Lunch Room, e) Washrooms for boys and girls.

For the Students have an awe Experience we have moved the 1st standard, 2nd standard and 3rd standard to the completed part of the New school building.

The Society Of Jesus founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola has been active in the field of Education throughout the world. In India, the Society Of Jesus is at present responsible for your 100 schools and 25 Colleges in which young people, belonging to every social class, community and Community and linguistic group are being Educated through the Medium of English and nine regional languages. The effort is to make a difference in the lives of Thousands of people. The young man woman we educate must be able to live in solidarity with others especially with those who are in most need. We want our students to be men and women for others.

Such noble initiatives were taken by Jesuits of Goa Province in Khanapur Taluka Sangargalli Gunji Fr. Colman D’souza S.J started to build the English Medium Primary School Sagargalli to cater to the Villages and the Underprivileged. Fr. Matthew Bardeskar is appointed as the Headmaster.

There are many students from Sangargalli Gunji who pursue their college studies in Belagavi. They are need of English Coaching classes as well motivation Sessions as to facilitate their learning and help them to communicate better with each other and also to Perform well in their Exams and make their career.

The Main objective to make a difference in the lives of the Underprivileged kids from Villages. Since the villages are situated in interior forests (reserved forest area) and have been neglected, there will be no much development if we do not take the lead. We want to put an end to the old system of taking Children away from the loving embrace of their parents and sending them to hostels in the city to study. Children can now experience the love of their parents as the school is brought to them in their village.

Give a qualitative overall education which will educate families in the villages helping them to live more productive lives and be more human. We want to cater to the education of children in 13 villages who have no access to any English medium school nearby. Being confident in communicating in English is the need of the day. Knowledge of English is a must, given the right facilities the village too will rise to the occasion. Learning of English will secure good jobs for them especially in this computer world., it will also help to bring the poor villages boys and girls into the mainstream, it will open them up to new worlds, cultures and truly educate them as they look at their social relationships and the world with respect and dignity.

Giving Underprivileged children a bright future: is our long-term goal.

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  1. Government of India already doing free education to everyone.
    This is need to it ?

    If they really want help them to getting job for them ( when children’s grow up, for financial weeker section pp)

    This is just seek attention, there are so many ppl educated with higher good marks, but jobs nil.

    Please concentrate on job opportunities for them.
    Jai Hind

  2. Such an admirable and much needed endeavor. Bringing quality education to the rural areas where the kids can live at home: yes! I agree that is the solution. Congratulations on this good work, Father Matthew!


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