Ek se Do Bhale Do se Teen Bhale: Belgaum Constituency RECONSTRUCTED

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All the election Constituency through out India have been redefined and Karnataka can be the first state to go to polls under these new Constituencies. The Central Govt has given its final approval and now waits only the Presidents Signature may be.

Some parties have opposed the way in which this exercise was done. But now Belgaum has been divided into 3 parts. Basically two parts of the old 197 Belgaum Constituency. It is renamed as Belgaum NORTH & Belgaum SOUTH. The other one is Belgaum RURAL.

If elections are held by this new Constituency, I tell you it will be fun. The Marathi’s and the Kannadigas will have to fight two places. And the best part is the Marathi voters have been equally divided in North and South. Mahadwar road, Tashildar Galli etc Marathi strong hold fall in NORTH and Vadgaon, Tilakwadi areas and Shahpur fall in South.
I have given a list of areas included in both the Constituency here.
You can click here to read for more details, as to know which Constituency you now belong to.

I can assure you Belgaumites, now that we will have 2 (leave the rural) MLAs will that make any difference to us, that’s to wait and see.

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  1. wonderful information … so guys … no more confusion …. now u know in which ward and which constituency ur area is ….


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