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Elderly woman seriously injured at Basveshwar Circle

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By uday

An elderly woman, identified as Suraiya Syed (79 years old, resident of Muslim Galli Angol), suffered a grievous accident that resulted in the loss of both her legs. The unfortunate incident occurred when she was crossing the road and found herself under a tanker (No. KA 22 B 1695) at Shri Basveshwar Circle on Khanapur Road around 10 am today, leaving her seriously injured.

Suraiya’s legs were trapped under the wheels of the oncoming tanker, leading to serious injuries to her legs. Prompt assistance from onlookers ensued immediately after the accident. Those nearby rushed to help the elderly woman, who lay in a pool of blood and managed to lift her into a sitting position.

The traffic police stationed at the square took quick action by calling for a 108 ambulance, which promptly arrived to transport the injured Suraiya to the civil hospital for medical attention.


The distressing scene drew a crowd of spectators, with many expressing shock at witnessing Suraiya’s vulnerable state on the road, her legs severely injured and blood pooling around her. The incident has been officially registered at the Traffic South Police Station.

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