Election to Standing committees unopposed


The election of the Standing committees for the city corporation Belgaum finished off unopposed today.

With an understanding between in the ruling and opposition blocks the election to the Standing committees was Unopposed.

As per the Karnataka Municipal Corporation Act, 1976, the amending legislation has provided for constitution of 4 Standing Committees, namely, “the Standing Committee for Taxation, Finance and Appeals”, “the Standing Committee for Public Health, Education and Social Justice”, “the Standing Committee for Town Planning and Improvement” and, “the Standing Committee for Accounts”.

In all the four committees 4 members are from the ruling group whereas other 3 members are from the opposition.

The members of the standing committee shall hold office for a period of one year.

The Chairman of the Standing Committee shall be elected by the members thereof by the system of single transferable vote. 
members elected for four standing committees: Taxation, Finance and Appeals – Ratan Masekar, Sanjay Savasheri, Malasaraja Balgannavar, Medha Haldankar, Vijay Bhonsale and Vaishali Hulji;
Town Planning and Improvement – Vijay Patil, Raju Birje, Anusha Deshpande, Mahantesh Kagtikar, Bhairgonda Patil, Rupa Nesarkar and Jyoti Sapade;
Public Health, Education and Social Justice – Pundalik Parit, Ravi Dhotre, Pinto Siddiqui, Anil Muchandikar, Sucheta G., Sudha Bhatkhande and Maya Kadolkar;
Accounts – Manohar Halgekar, Anant Deshpande, Pushpa P., Sarala Herekar, Meenakshi Chigre, Sajot Bandekar and Faheem Naikwadi.


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