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Engineering student commits suicide

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I am Sorry, I failed” these were last lines written by Keshav Masur (21) an engineering student from GIT who hanged himself in his room in Konwal Galli on Wednesday.

Keshav had a back log of two subjects in his 4 th semester and he was very much depressed because of this.

A note was found in his room which stated , “I am Sorry, I failed”.

9 thoughts on “Engineering student commits suicide”

  1. My Brothers & Sister I request you all to don’t take this step in your life .remember that your parents are important than this.if you failed …try it once again …you will get success only if you are fail… don’t waste your time to do this all things ..just think once about your parents ….gud luck

  2. I full agree with Yoganand. Nothing is important than life. Try try until you succeed. Taking this drastic step please look behind once and think of your parents.

  3. This is just pure stupidity. I mean you could show pity and everything but the has never solved things like this in the past nor is it now. It is utterly stupid to give so much importance to something other than your life so much so that you end up killing yourself. Education system and these exams are created by people for evaluating you they are not the ultimate truth! They are made by people! Changed by people! So are these people? They all have been a failure at some point in their life. Like literally a range of marks decide if you pass or not like if you get 44 you fail and if you get 45 you pass and if you get like 95 you top? But what are these? These are numbers? We created them! Please don’t let dogma put you down. If you see sad because of your marks you are just sad but if you kill yourself because of your marks you at sad and stupid. Choose wisely

  4. Bhai life me exam me fail honese tum har nai javoge jo ee suicide vagera kar rahe ho… Ek bar exam me fail ho javoge next chance to he.. try kro.. nai tu puri life padi hue he… Dusra kuch tume intrest he usme try kyu ee faltu suicide vagera karte ho…… failure vo nai jo exam me fail hoke dusra krne me try krta he failure vo he suicide krta he vo sabse bada failure he… Kuch to saram kro.. tumare mom. Dad tumare liye college. Tutaion fees kya kya kra ke tumare liye bharte he aur tum last me ee tofa doge tumare mom. Dad ko ….. Bhai sach me yar tu galat kam kiya

  5. Probably parents need to wake up and realise that pressurising their child to do something that they aren’t interested is not going to do any good. The information about him having 2 backlogs is false. He was on the verge of losing another year after having lost one year already. The number of backlogs he had only shows how he wasn’t really interested in doing engineering. Parents need to guide their child, not force them into doing something. How many of the people who are saying what he did was stupid, have actually given a thought to what the boy must have been going through? Losing two years and watching all his friends go ahead of him must have been hard on him. People say speak up, what after that? What if the person affected doesn’t get the response he needs at that point of time? Does life not seem hopeless? Yes committing suicide is not the right thing to do, but pushing someone towards making him feel that he doesn’t have anyone to understand him will only make him take the wrong step. Life is full of ups and downs, it’s we who fail to understand the ones around us and help them out.

  6. After some thought, we need to make students or anyone else understand that, failure is only the other side of the coin, you either pass or you fail, and you learn most important lessons in life in failure, than in success.
    We need to communicate more on examples how the best success stories have started from a failure.

    RIP my friend, it was an unnecessary step you took, and the consequences of this would have to be suffered by none other than your loved ones.

  7. The moment u thought to do it was unlucky for u bcz u still had not discovered what life culd hav is not only of education its just a part of lyf.. There wer lot more things u could hav done and its unfortunate u fint realise it.. Rip

  8. In today’s world we have some of examples where people with lesser education are also did great work and earned more money & they got great respect in society. Few examples are Sachin Tendulkar, Dirubhai Ambani, Vijay Sankeshwar so before committing such things we have to think & take some advice from experts. Finally I’m saying that today’s education is only focusing on MARK’S which destroying minds like keshav.

  9. This is the mistake of our society in today’s date, we preach just that if you don’t study and get good grades, you will never have a life, parents should try to see even other talents in their children which can be nourished well and can give them a far better life than good grades would have given.

    Sachin Tendulkar would never become the best cricketer if his family had forced him to only study and do nothing.

    Just wanted to give a small message as I have my own brother as an example who wanted to have his own restaurant since school, we discussed it with him and now we can see that he his almost going to start it, all his friends are engineers or doctors or other typical streams but they did not leave him just because he is not one among them but they love him more as he has different stories to tell always.

    Believe in your kids, and let them free, they can fly higher than you think.


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