Ex-councillor’s son ‘assaults’ hotel worker

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Ashok Kumar, son of former councillor Jayashri Malagi of Belagavi City Corporation has been accused of assaulting a worker of a hotel (Donne Biryani) in Nehru Nagar after there was a delay in serving him water. A purported video of the incident has gone viral on social media.

As per the New Indian Express, Ashok Kumar, visited the hotel with his friends and the quarrel started after the worker did not serve them water. They allegedly started to abuse the worker and attacked him. They even entered the kitchen and assaulted him.

Meanwhile, the hotel management has alleged that the APMC police did not register a complaint against Ashok when they approached them. However, APMC police station inspector J M Kalimirchi said it was “a minor case in which no one was injured.”  “Similar incidents take place in restaurants in our jurisdiction each day. We have warned both parties. Nobody came forward to lodge a complaint,” he said. 

waiter-attackAccording to eyewitnesses, Ashok reportedly asked the hotel worker to remove his clothes and touch his feet and apologize. When the worker protested, Ashok allegedly told him that was he was highly influential and threatened of taking steps to shut down the hotel. A frightened worker then touched Ashok’s feet and apologized.

The hotel staff also alleged that the police did not collect the footage from the hotel’s CCTV camera. They also alleged that the police were trying to protect the accused by not framing any charges against them. Meanwhile, the worker has reportedly quit the job.  

The Belagavi Hotel Owners’ Association on met the waiter who was assaulted.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madam

    Very Similar incident has happend to us as well we stay in Belgaum we run a small restaurant.There is a newspaper called Bharat Vaibhav which is operated by Prashant Rao Aihole who is already under many scams husband of ZP president Asha Prashant Aihole.

    There pending amount of Rs.22000/- we are asking for repayment they are not doing it.And when we complained to APMC police station even there we didn’t get any help they asked us to forget about that amount and on top of that Prashant Rao Aihole he came to station drunk and started shouting using abusive language in front of the police people but police supported him not us and they told us to forget the amount it will be not paid.

    We tried all the ways Rs.22000 not a big amount for them it is a huge amount for us who are doing a small business like us if police and politicians will not help us who will help.

    Our restaurant is operated mainly by females and physically challenged ladies.We are hoping to get some help from All about Belgaum and we get Justice.


    Soumya G.Patil

  2. Soumya G Patil kindly please complaint once in prime minister portal my grienvenices application and see the magic how things move on

  3. These politicians and and their family members think they are above the law, the common man should understand and stop praising , posing for photos and making them heroes.

  4. how inhuman one can disgusting for all the mannerless disrespectful politicians put them behind the bars. Firstly, the police too is involved in such crime.Bloody how dare the treat the poor that way.hit then hard they must be paid for what they have done


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