Ex-MLA’s son Arun Nandihalli accidentally killed himself

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On March 19 son of former MLA Parashuram Nandihalli, Arun was found bleeding on the road and was later declared dead.

The police have come across a startling revelation that Arun might have accidentally killed himself.

Police sources say it is neither a murder nor a suicide but due to accidentally firing himself.

Police were under immense pressure to crack it but were clueless for more than a month. About 150 people were interrogated but in vain.

NandihalliThe police found that while trying to shoot himself on the shoulder, Arun mistakenly killed himself.

While speaking to Geeta, Arun’s second wife, police thought that her behaviour was suspicious. When they tried to speak with her brother Mohan, she became restless and said that her brother is innocent.

When police took Mohan in their custody, the whole story was exposed, reports the New Indian Express.

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