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Extravagance monsoon session

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The law makers even when they say in public that they will not spend much on the assembly session the list makes it an extravagance affair.KPN Photo

Rs 9 lakh just for supplying tissue papers, mosquito coils and disposable water glasses to the legislators and ministers in assembly and council halls


Rs 11 lakhs for flower decoration at assembly, council and central halls besides in-front of the rooms of CM, ministers and secretaries.

Rs 30 lakhs have been sanctioned for housekeeping and cleaning of toilets in SVS building during session.

Rs 4.50 lakhs have been earmarked for supplying purified water water

Rs 16 lakhs will be spent to make ready permanent helipad near SVS

Rs 1.71 crores have been sanctioned for erecting pendals and partitions inside and outside SVS on rental bases for 10 days including at the places of protests 

Rs 20 lakhs have been sanctioned separately for arranging temporary toilets for agitators outside SVS.

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  1. After spending a huge sum of tax payers’ money, the outcome of the session is NIX!! Instead the same money could have been better utilized for providing basic amenities to the citizens of Belagavi. Is the Minister In Charge Belagavi listening?


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