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Farmer ends life as money lender detains family

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By uday

A tragic incident unfolded in Islampur village of Hukkeri taluk, Belagavi dist on Monday, as a farmer, Raju Khotagi, took his own life after facing a harrowing ordeal at the hands of a private lender, Siddavva Bayyanavar. Khotagi had borrowed Rs 1.5 lakh from Siddavva five months ago, amidst a severe drought that had devastated his crops. With an exorbitant interest rate of 10% per month, Khotagi found himself struggling to repay the loan.

The situation took a turn for the worse when Siddavva demanded the entire amount, including interest, to be repaid in full. Despite Khotagi’s plea for more time to gather the funds, Siddavva callously insisted that he leave his son, Basavaraj, in her custody until the debt was settled. In a desperate attempt to secure the money, Khotagi and his wife, Durgavva, sought help from various sources, but to no avail.

Tragically, Khotagi’s efforts proved futile, and he ultimately succumbed to the immense pressure and despair, taking his own life on Monday. The heart-wrenching events that transpired serve as a stark reminder of the dire consequences that can arise from financial distress and exploitation. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Khotagi family during this difficult time.

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