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Farmers do rasta roko against BUDA for acquiring fertile land

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The farmers of Kanbargi today blocked the Belgaum Gokak road for over an hour in protest of the BUDA notices to the farmers of agricultural land for acquisition.kanbargi3

Many farmers blocked the road with their cattle and bullock carts. BUDA has issued notices to farmers of survey nos 486 to 526. The protesting farmers said that all these lands are very fertile and BUDA is leaving away the barren land and is going in for acquiring fertile agricultural land which is the only source of income to the family. It is alleged that there is pressure from political clout for the acquisition and conversion of the fertile land into plots.  

Farmers have approached the High court in this matter. 

1 thought on “Farmers do rasta roko against BUDA for acquiring fertile land”

  1. BUDA should be abolished, there is no need of it, if they want to develop they should buy dry, uneven land where no crop is produced. Instead farmers fertile land they are garbing and just they are finishing the farmers. Government should awake and look into the matter seriously

    Acquiring land is a cunning law created by British government and present government is following the same to exploit the farmers and innocent people, it should be stopped at any cost else there would be state wide agitation to stop exploitation. Our political persons if have seriousness for developing belgaum, they should generously start contributing the fund/land from thier pocket, then they realize how painful it is. Are they ready to give thier land for development?

    BUDA / BMC just have failed to build one Central bus stand for the last 20 years, what development are they talking about

    BUDA is desperate to grab the land from the farmers and making huge profit out of it and this profit is shared among all and political parties.

    BUDA business & dealings should be audited since its inception by independent agency and display/ announce results in public domain.

    BUDA has followed all unethical practices, unprofessional approaches in its dealings and this should be dealt
    with seriously by means of all.


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