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Fictitious bridges

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Updated: Oct 12,2014
Actually nothing has changed then we first posted this in 2013. ‘Let’s pray’ that better sense prevails and that with it, better times come to relieve the citizens from the woes of packed roads and suffocating smoke.

by Sameer Majli

The human desire to traverse distances both faster and in a more comfortable manner has fueled vehicular advancements for ages. The age old habit of putting the feet to use is fast disappearing as we choose to prefer 2-wheeler and 4-wheeler transport for human and material movement. The fast developing cities are testimony to this relentless pursuit as we seek to cut down on transit time. The ensuing traffic has grown to be a woe of mammoth proportions and the roads are crammed and weighed down by more traffic than they can handle. With traffic rules being easy to bend in the absence of supervision and the absence of civic discipline, the only solution is to have wider and maybe even taller or deeper paths for travel. The days of overbridges and underpasses are imminent.

Come daylight and the once pristine and serene city of Belgaum more than just transforms into a cacophony of zooming vehicles, screaming horns, jammed traffic lines and thousands of vehicles spewing smoke in a rather inconsiderate manner. With increasing train traffic and the railway line passing right through the city, almost purposefully dividing it into two distinct zones, the problem only gets worse. The scenes at the railway crossing gates in the heart of the city and the Tilakwadi area cut a sorry picture of the irresponsible infrastructure management on part of those making policy decisions.

First Railway Gate
First Railway Gate


While lots is being and has been talked about in terms of what needs to be done, there seems to be hardly any movement in terms of even initial steps towards accomplishing the promised stuff. Most work is stuck in decision making apathy. Indifference on account of political and regional differences makes it certain that those in power spend more time sparring over a range of issues rather than taking up the things that matter the most.

In the month of July 2012, the DC had approved 4 Railway over-bridges in town. And then on, in October 31, 2012, All About Belgaum had posted news that work on the railway over bridge at Dharwad road would begin soon.

The Railway department has awarded the over bridge construction contract to Balaji builders, Bangalore and it is proposed that in phase one, the Dharwad Road (old PB road) over bridge would be built. All this info was disclosed then but not much seems to have happened since. The two elections provided enough reason the maintain status quo and stall the developmental plans.

Thousands face a huge traffic chaos at the railway crossings each day and though the special 100 crore funds for the city have been received, they have not been used to provide for this most needed development. Experts opine that this should have been priority “Numero Uno” but one can only guess that those handling the funds thought otherwise for their own vested interests.

Human development has been a tale of commitment followed by relentless work to accomplish and accommodate the best interests of society but in this case one is tempted to maybe just heed superstition and pray like we pray when the monsoons delay their onset.

Maybe, ‘Let’s pray’ that better sense prevails and that with it, better times come to relieve the citizens from the woes of packed roads and suffocating smoke.

2 thoughts on “Fictitious bridges”

  1. Considering the locations of these railway crossings, over bridges wont’t be full time solution for the growing city… we are fighting for better frequency of trains since long… if this has to occurs, indeed we require double lane track… which is day dream considering present land acquisition procedures/norms… thus Govt & railways should think out of box for improving transportation facilities for Belgaum… With holistic approach, providing alternate bypass tracks would be fruitful for second capital in long term perspective..!
    In the past, this region was claimed to be most neglected by all north bound railway ministers… Let’s see what will turn out from the efforts of state bound Railway Minister..!

  2. I feel our State govt itself is neglecting Belgaum and doing nothing to it. All previous Govt ware supported Belgaum little bit, and tried/projected Belgaum as second capital of the state( in papers atlest). If you compare any district ST bus stand with Belgaum, we are at bottom, If you compare roads, transport system, trains, airport (infact Belgaum airport is one of the oldest one) every thing we are in bottom only. In view of second capital Belgaum is not selected under JNURM or smart cities out of 100’s, why????? what the hell our elected representatives are doing????


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