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Filled up potholes now a cause of worry

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Thanks to the visit of L K Advani, all potholes enroute from airport to GIT College were filled up in an emergency.


The potholes filled up on Congress road just show you how things are done in an emergency. The spot in the photo is in front of the main gate of Military Mahadev and the same spot was being filled up until 11 pm in road holethe night yesterday.


May be due to unavailability of asphalt or some other undiscloseable fact the bolders have been just put in the potholes and now when the vehicles go over it, there is a great chance of slipping. I did slip a bit this afternoon over the same spot and many others might have as well. Now I say the earlier potholes were only better.


In addition, I heard about these politicians today some curses by the local public as they were made to wait for over 30 minutes until the caravan of Advani passed away. Traffic was blocked as the caravan of about 60 odd cars had to pass. The whole route from the airport to GIT was blocked for all traffic. I was quite lucky to get in to see the last 4 cars and then the blockade was cleared and I could go home.


Was anyone reading this in that blockade?

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