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Fire at CBT – not much damage caused

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As reported by CJ Prostil-

A fire broke out at the main switchboard at the Central bus stand yesterday mid night. The worst part there was no fire extinguishers or other fire fighting equipment at such a crowded place. The locals there brought the fire under control and even after 20 minutes or so the Fire brigade had not responded. There is the Market police station just opposite the Bus stand but there were no fire extinguishers there or they might not be working. Not much damage was done to property or life but fire fighting equipment is a necessity in such highly crowded areas.

The authorities should look into this seriously and make arrangements for fire fighting equipment and with the same regular maintenance of the same should be under taken.

1 thought on “Fire at CBT – not much damage caused”

  1. Lord Varun (God of Rains) should only extingish the Fire which breaks out to cause loss or damage in wake of the attitude of our Fire Brigade.
    Wake up 101.
    I beilieve the Fire Brigade must take training from our Armed forces to atleast have the sense of being Punctual in Disaster management.


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