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First Pediatric Kidney Transplantation at KLE Hospital Belagavi

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1st Pediatric Kidney Transplantation in North Karnataka

14yr old boy from Mudhol taluk, Bagalkot district underwent Kidney Transplantation with donor being his mother, on 18th April 2016 at KLE’S Dr.Prabhakar Kore Hospital & MRC, Belagavi. He was suffering from Alport’s Syndrome which is a X-Linked rare genetic disorder which mainly affects the males. This child was the only living male sibling in the family. All his 3 elder brothers have died of chronic kidney disease due to the same disease. He has 1 elder sister who is alive and healthy.

kle-kidneyThis 14-year-old boy was first seen at KLE’S Pediatric Nephrology OPD in 2013 and was diagnosed to have Alports syndrome. His Sr. Creatinine was 0.9mg/dl with normal urine output and so was started on conservative management for his disease. In 2016, his Sr. Creatinine rapidly raised to 9.2mg/dl with decrease in Urine output. In view of this, he was planned for Pre-emptive Kidney Transplantation (without undergoing Dialysis) which is the cure for his disease. Now after his kidney transplantation his Sr. Creatinine is 0.5mg/dl with good urine output and is very stable.

Kidney transplantation is considered the treatment of choice in most children with end-stage renal disease. Kidney transplantation offers survival advantage, decreased hospitalization rate and improved quality of life. Pre-emptive transplantation (without undergoing dialysis) offers better long-term allograft survival, and psychological and financial benefits compared with transplant performed after a period of dialysis. Pre-emptive transplantation offers advantages in India, where providing chronic dialysis therapy is very expensive and challenging. Children suffering from end-stage kidney disease are excellent candidates to undergo kidney transplantation since serious comorbidities are often absent. Currently kidney transplantation can be performed in children if they weigh more than 10kgs.

In India, Pediatric Kidney Transplantation was started as early as in 1990 but was performed in only 2-3 centres in India. Only few centres in India perform Kidney transplantation in children and very few in our state of Karnataka. The cost of kidney transplantation in this part of north Karnataka is very less as compared to those performed in Bangalore, Pune and Mumbai.

A 14-year-old boy Allam Prabhu, from Mudhol Taluk, Bagalkot district, who was suffering from chronic kidney disease underwent successful Pre-emptive Kidney Transplantation at KLE hospital on the 18th April 2016. This is the first time that a pediatric kidney Transplant surgery is done in this part of North Karnataka. The transplant surgery was done by a team of Transplant surgeons led by Dr.R.B.Nerli and Anaesthetist’s were Dr.Dhoregol, Dr.Mane and Dr.Manjunath.

The Pre and Post-operative care of these transplant patients in a child is veryu crucial for survival. This was done by a team of members which included Dr.Mahantesh.V.Patil. Dr.Prithi Inamdar, Dr.Abhishek Chavan and Pediatric post-graduates Dr.Alok Patil and Dr.Kanika Sharma. The team was led by Dr. Mahantesh.V.Patil, Pediatric Nephrologist who has been trained in Singapore and Canada in Pre & Post-Kidney Transplantation care in children. The child is doing fine now.

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