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First priority to solve citizens’ problems: Minister Satish Jarakiholi

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During a review meeting held at the Belagavi City Corporation Hall on June 7th, Minister of Public Works Department, Satish Jarakiholi, emphasized the importance of effective collaboration between various departments, including Smart City, Drinking Water Supply, and HESCOM. He urged all officials to work diligently towards achieving these goals and ensuring that the needs of the community are met.

It is the responsibility of all elected officials and government representatives to ensure that these essential services are completed within the designated time frame, including the development of cemeteries with the provision of basic infrastructure.

By prioritizing the completion of these essential projects, we can create a more livable and sustainable environment for all citizens. Let us work together to build a better future for our communities.

The Belagavi city is set to receive a magnificent statue of Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj, at a cost of one crore rupees. Minister Satish Jarakiholi has instructed the corporation commissioner to commence the construction work of the statue immediately.

The development of a sports complex, swimming pool, and other facilities will be made available to the public free of charge.

In the meeting, Minister Jarakiholi emphasized the importance of addressing the grievances submitted by the people. He urged the authorities to take these concerns seriously and resolve them promptly. Furthermore, he encouraged the implementation of good suggestions that were put forward during the meeting.

However, the entryway to Belagavi City is marred by piles of garbage, which is a cause for concern. Minister Jarakiholi has instructed the authorities to take steps to clean the area regularly. He also emphasized the need to monitor traders and shopkeepers who dispose of their garbage in undesignated areas at night and impose fines on them.

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The minister received information that the ward committees had not yet been formed. However, he assured attendees that the committees would be established within the next month.

The minister also addressed the pressing issue of continuous water supply in Belagavi city. He announced that a separate meeting would be held to discuss the project and that necessary steps would be taken to speed up the works and ensure adequate water supply.

In addition, the minister instructed the corporation commissioner to issue appointment orders immediately if the selection list of pourkarmikas was ready. He also informed attendees that the appointment order of 155 civil servants would be issued.

To solve the problem of drinking water, the minister called for all tube wells in the city to be revived and repaired if necessary. He also emphasized the importance of supplying purified drinking water.

The minister also stressed the need for measures to control stray dogs and the establishment of garbage disposal units in all four directions of the city. He urged officials to make serious efforts to address these issues as the city continues to grow rapidly.

The city is in dire need of adequate lighting, as low luminous lamps have been installed in some areas, leaving them poorly lit. Minister of Women and Child Development, Handicapped and Empowerment of Senior Citizens, Lakshmi Hebbalkar, has urged officials to take action and increase the capacity of lighting in these areas. Additionally, Hebbalkar has called for the immediate removal of a pile of garbage at the entryway and proposed the establishment of garbage disposal units in four locations. The government has promised to provide necessary approval for this initiative.

Hebbalkar has also expressed concern over the management of the six Indira canteens in the city and has directed authorities to focus on providing convenience to more people in crowded areas, such as bus stands.

Meanwhile, MLA Asif (Raju) Sait has directed the commissioner of the corporation to take appropriate action regarding complaints from the public regarding property tax, building construction permits, and issuance of CC. Sait has also addressed the delay in the continuous water project and problems in the water supply system, instructing officials of L&T Company to take necessary steps to ensure a steady supply of drinking water.

MLA Sait addressed the public allegations that the Smart City project was only being implemented in Belagavi South Constituency. He instructed officials to provide information about the original outline of the project and any changes made. Citizen Rajeev Topannavar suggested that prestigious institutes like IIT should be responsible for third-party inspections of the project. Sidagowda Modagi recommended that development works should also be carried out in the Agricultural Product Marketing Committee premises.

Quality control is mandatory for the Smart City project, as complaints about the quality of work have been reviewed. MLA Abhay Patil stated that any complaints can be investigated by any organization. He also demanded a comprehensive investigation to remove misconceptions about the quality of works undertaken under the Belagavi Smart City project, as well as any illegal works.

Channaraj Hattiholi, MLC questioned why the wards of the rural constituency were not considered in planning facilities for schemes like the housing scheme. He emphasized the importance of cooperation between the public and concerned department officials for the continuous water project.

In addition, a proposal for the installation of 9,000 LEDs in the city has been sent to the government. Once approved, the lamps will be installed immediately.

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