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Five Infosys employees killed in accident at Sankeshwar

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accidentnsFive employees of software major Infosys were killed and eight injured when their bus overturned at Sankeshwar, 60km from Belgaum, in the early hours on Thursday.
The mishap occurred when the driver of the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) Volvo bus in which they were travelling lost control while negotiating a sharp curve at the Tavandi Ghat near Satyavati Palace.( This place is excatly 60 kms from Belgaum)
The five were employed in Mysore, were on their way to Pune after finishing training. The deceased, have been identified as Tushar Aggarwal, Agnivesh (Bihar), Ankita (Delhi), Rakshit Malhotra, (Noida). The fifth person was yet to be identified.

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23 thoughts on “Five Infosys employees killed in accident at Sankeshwar”

  1. This is the Second Accident which a KSRTC VOLVO Bus has met with.Just a day before one of KSRTC’s Volvo rammed into a tree near Bangalore, injuring several people.
    Its now wake up time for the Corporation Authorities to ensure the safety of passengers who rely on the age old Transport and that too on the Volvo Fleet which is believed to be the Hi tech and safest too.

  2. It’s very sad to hear about this happening at the very same place I was also posted once:(. I agree with the admin comments above for drivers being required or trained to take extra precautions even if buses are equipped with Hi Tech and safest gadgets.

  3. The Mangalore accident was because of a non-Volvo trained driver!!More than the driver its KSRTC which is to be blamed.Imagine sending a small plane pilot to fly a fighter jet just because the fighter pilot wasnt available.
    The bus didnt hit a tree…its side clipped a log protuding out of a stranded truck.The log entered from the right and came out of the left side…killing everyone along its path.
    If we look at the Daijiworld site ,one of the survivors mentions that the driver didnt know the controls of teh bus and that the conductor was assisting him when driving!!!The fact that he was wearing khaki uniforms instead of the white for Volvo drivers confirms this.
    The traffic police is also to be blamed for allowing overloaded trucks to ply on the road.Accidents like these are common on our roads .The other day about 20 people died in Assam because a packed bus again rammed a parked vehicle.
    Just because this was a B7R,this became news!!

    About this Belgaum accident,having driven so many times on this road,I feel this driver must have either dozed off or must have again been a non-regular driver.No matter what speeds one does,I dont think there is any curve on the NH4 GQ where one has to slow down or that a bus would overturn.

    Special mention has to be given to this driver for doing the almost-impossible job of toppling a B7R

  4. Also …just want to add that there is no question of doubting the safety of these buses.This bus has overturned and still the roof hasnt caved in ..this speaks volumes about the safety.But any vehicle is just as safe as the driver.
    How many of us confront the driver of a bus that is being driven rashly…we dont…but we never realise that this driver could harm other road users as well.
    At 100+speeds,one wrong move and people inside…without any safety belts will be history!!

  5. it is not rakshit malhotra its rachit mehrotra daamm it he was my one of the best school day buddy n now i donn have him in this world , miss u rachit ( mallu)

  6. Airawat is well knows for its service and state of art luxury. But when Driver is so irresponsible such incidents are bound to happen. Taking turn at High speed has caused this incident. Cos a bus like volvo has great control and this was totally negligence by the driver..

  7. Because of someone’s negligence, 5 bright young people died !! This is not done. Rachit was one of my school buddies.. may the souls rest in peace, may god give strength to the families.. what else to say

  8. Is it necessary to travel by buses when there are so many trains availabe. Cann’t infosys afford travel by trains or the training time is so precious that comfortable train journey is not preferred?

  9. Driver’s of the Volvo alway’s feels that they can take turn at 90 to 100 Speeds.But indian road curves are very sharps it is very difficult to take curves at very speeds.

    Better to introduce speed breaker and speed limits at Ghats any indiacation befor taking the curve.

    sorry may the souls rest in peace, may god give strength to the families

  10. My condolences to family members of deceased. Train journey is safer and comfortable than bus journey. Since it is a long journey Companies shd prefer train journey.

  11. My sincere condolences to family members of deceased.
    I am working in INFY, pune here every one is upset about this sad as 5 of our Colleagues lost their because of the negligence of some ppl.
    This is not the first time when ppl are travelling from mysore to pune by bus. In this situation i m not sure whom to blame we can say its really a very bad time :(.
    i guess because of this AIRAVAT KSRTC volvo might loose its reputation in the society. Govt should take necessary steps against KSRTC/highway authority to avoid such drastic accidents in future.
    May god give strengths to their family memebers.

  12. Hi ,
    All such incidence happens due to crossing the speed limits and measures should be taken so that crossing speed limit is banned and need to make sure that it is strictly followed to protect such accidents in future.And this can be implemented if we all play our part of redsponsibility.
    May God grant strength to the families of victims.

  13. Just to inform you guys.Today that is 26 may 2009 early in the morning 3.30 am there was another KSRTC volvo accident just near Chitradurga….
    I can tell this because I was in that bus.Luckily none of the passengers were injured ,but driver was hurt badly.The driver was escorted in the 108 AMBULANCE
    immediately which was .thanks to the ambulance service they were on the spot in just 15 mins.Also other KSRTC buses drivers and conductors stopped by to help the driver and stranded passengers.

  14. Take precausion on the drivers safety first speed next and road should be convient with the divider then white line and patients should be with driver always becuause lot of passenger will be so on overtaking they wana take care and then carry on ………….Arun


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