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Fostering a Robust IT Business Ecosystem: BeTCA’s Tech Meet-Up 2.0 in Belagavi

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The Belagavi region has experienced a significant surge in entrepreneurship and the technology sector. However, due to the vast expanse of the city, it has become increasingly challenging to keep track of the numerous start-ups and businesses that have emerged.

The Belagavi Tech Meet-up 2.0, organized by the Belagavi Technology Companies Association (BeTCA), is a platform that brings together companies specializing in Information Technology (IT) and IT-enabled services (ITeS) located in Belagavi.

The inaugural meet-up in 2022 was a resounding success, attracting hundreds of entrepreneurs, tech investors, start-up founders, and like-minded individuals. The primary objective of this event is to facilitate networking and collaboration, allowing participants to discover each other’s work and leverage their shared ideas and strengths. Notably, entrepreneurs from various locations, including the United Kingdom, Odisha, Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Mangaluru, Hubballi, and Kolhapur, made their presence felt.

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In essence, the Belagavi Tech Meet-up serves as a platform to showcase the remarkable work of Belagavi’s talented individuals, both within the local community and on a global scale.

The upcoming Tech Meet-Up 2.0 aims to foster new connections among individuals with innovative ideas, technical expertise, financial resources, and the ability to bring all these elements together. By doing so, the event seeks to cultivate a thriving business ecosystem that generates more job opportunities.

Event Details:
Date: September 22, 2023
Time: 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Location: Belagavi City
Registration Website:

While the Belagavi region boasts some of India’s top educational institutions, it has long yearned for a more robust and formal business ecosystem. This meet-up endeavors to bridge the gap between the doers and their remarkable endeavors, providing a platform for collaboration and growth.


The Belagavi Technology Companies Association is a collective of companies specializing in Information Technology (IT) and IT-enabled services (ITeS) located in Belagavi.

The IT sector in Belagavi (formerly known as Belgaum) is thriving. With a wealth of talented individuals and a growing number of companies choosing Belagavi as their base of operations, it became apparent that a unified platform was needed for these IT companies to share their knowledge with the community and collaborate with one another. The IT-Belagavi group will focus on various areas such as human resources management, taxation issues, internet connectivity, and nurturing emerging talent in local colleges.

By bringing together these technology-driven companies, the Belagavi Technology Companies Association aims to create a vibrant and supportive ecosystem that fosters innovation, growth, and collaboration. This association will serve as a hub for knowledge exchange, enabling companies to address common challenges and leverage each other’s expertise. Additionally, it will provide a platform for networking and partnership opportunities, ultimately contributing to the overall development of the IT sector in Belagavi.

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  1. Excellent Initiative.
    I am interested in development of software for 8th to 12th under new education policy.
    Medium of instruction will be english as well as all major Indian languages.
    The project funding will be from World Bank.
    The project sponsors will be state government / central govt.


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