FOUR dead as Ganesh idol touches live wire

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Four people died and at least eight others were injured after coming into contact with a high-tension electricity cable at Sadashivnagar here on Wednesday night. Deceased were identified as Geeta Gajanan Saple (42), Sujan Gajanan Saple (10), the wife and son of Gajanan Saple, who is the president of the Samata Yuvak Mandal which installed the idol; and Prajval Anil Mali (16) Gangappa Mudli (52)
The accident occurred near Laxmi complex.Sources say that a live wire fell on the Ganesh idol.

The iron-rod supporting the 28-foot-tall eco-friendly Ganesha idol came in contact with the high-tension electric wire laid across the road. Those pulling the trolley suffered severe shocks and were thrown off to a distance.

This is the idol which had a iron rod in the center which is said to have touched the live wire overhead
This is the idol which had a iron rod in the center which is said to have touched the live wire overhead

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  1. RIP: After history of it’s own style of celebration, from past 2-3 yrs, Belgaum is catching the Pune & Mumbai style of Ganapti celebration… One should think of city’s infrastructure while cracking the records in-terms of idol size(height)… Even after crowning Second capital of state, major roads of Belgaum still witness sagging electric wires & congested elctrical poles throwing wires all around… Hope this incident will fast-track proposal of underground cabling( as put in gossip by honourable district minister) at least for few major roads…!

  2. In spite of yesterday tragedy at Ganapati Bappa visarjan my request to all is not to lose your faith from the Almighty GOD , because only he and only he is the creator and destroyer of the whole universe. He is only trying to tell us about our arrogance,illiteracy,superstitious,positions,etc..
    He is giving us the symptoms of the future calamity and also telling us that only we can save it by our self behavior.


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