Fuel shortage eases a bit


The fuel crisis in Belagavi since this Monday has eased quite a bit with petrol stocks available at almost all petrol pumps. Anyone can get fuel filled in 15 mins which was earlier taking upto two hours a couple of days back.

fuel-shoratge belagavi
File Photo

Also no sort of rationing is there each one is allowed to full the tank if needed.

Also a sigh of relief was seen on the staff of the petrol pump owners who said, it is now quite relaxing with little rush.

A leading Marathi Daily Tarun Bharat has appealed for a “NO VEHICLE DAY” on Monday May 11 and it has also garnered good response from Police, RTO and City corporation.



  1. Some thing you don’t have don’t use!! No way to deal with such scarcities created. Tomorrow Tarun Bharat may say NO KANNADA DAY. Vehicles are meant for a ride a petrol must be available


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