Garbage littered in spite of warnings on Ganeshpur road

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by Louis Rodrigues
This a pathetic scene at Pipeline Road, leading to Laxmi Tek area off Ganeshpur Road.

While the board displayed by Chavan’s Military Academy, a private institution for young aspirants, has been displayed at the site, pigs feast on the garbage littered by insensitive residents of Saraswati Nagar and adjoining areas.

In fact young Turks from Chavan’s Academy have commenced to clean up the garage twice a week, however, despite requests and warnings, residents continue to mindlessly litter garbage.


While Bapuji helplessly watches the act through his thin framed chashma, the elected representatives have preferred to conveniently ignore the menace!!

Certainly this a shameful site and the act of residents need to condemned at all levels, while calling for the attention of the authorities. The fact that Laxmi Tek water filter station is just a few metres away adds to the woes and a threat to clean water to entire Belagavi city.

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  1. Elected officers should open their eyes, if they can’t see the garbage strewn all around the city then they might be in need of help from ophthalmologist to clear their eyes, so that they can have better eye sight.. Plan should be made and put that plan into action to catch those lawbreakers and keep punishing one by one. Once the punishment starts the word will go out to the public thus discouraging people not to throw garbage on the street.


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