Garbage management need of the hour

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Garbage belgaumby Sanjay Deshpande
Garbage and solid waste management is an important task for the growing city of Belgaum. The city corporation has been trying to do its best to but I feel that still there is lack of initiative by the concerned staff as well the citizens of the city. Very recently, municipal corporation of Hubli Dharwad has taken a great initiative to clean and sanitize the both cities once a week.

Take Shiv Basav Nagar area, which is supposed to be one of the elite areas of Extension. Will anyone believe it if one sees the photo accompanying this article?

I took active role a few months ago to instigate the NGO personnel to go home to home and convince the people to not to throw the garbage on the road side. To my surprise many bungalow owners refused to pay a meagre sum of Rs.30 per month to the agency. On the other had some complain that despite giving the garbage collection charges, the garbage is not collected from their premises, resulting in the increase road side heaps of garbage on the every corners of the roads. A few days ago, I came across a vehicle in the city making announcement about instructions to the citizens about waste management. It also announced that the people throwing garbage in the gutter will be fined. Looking at the present scenario, can anyone tell me how much fine was collected so far? Still many people are not aware that throwing garbage in the public place is a now legal offence!

Last week my neighboring bungalow owner had a wedding ceremony. Those people senselessly threw all the disposable plates and glasses after the food session, right in to the gutter consecutive for two days and nights. When a educated class is so dumb about the civic cleanliness and hygiene, who and how the hell one can expect the other classes of society will be convinced and encouraged?

I am not a leader or a corporator or an NGO to order people to do their duties. I am humble citizen who wants my city environment clean. Who will help me?


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  1. Yes Sir you are correct & completely agreed with you. People should their duty & responsibilities.If educated people doing like this then what to say about this. The only way is put pressure on corporation for impose heavy fine on them then only situation will improve.


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