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Get driving directions with help from Google Maps

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maps logo small blueGoogle maps are very useful and I just tried to get driving directions within city and from Bangalore to Belgaum and the results are quite encouraging.

 See the examples below. And the best thing you can do this right from this site, see the map on the Right Hand side and click Get directions: Form here – From Here.

 Try getting home from your office in Bangalore or elsewhere and see the result. Some results may not be exact, but you can really make out a road to go, if you are new comer in town.

 Tip: Just type in the places mentioned in the Google map like Bus stand, Fort, Mahantesh Nagar so that Google knows exactly what you are looking for.

 Majestic Bangalore to Belgaum Bus stand


Camp to Bus stand


Railway station to Bus stand


So did you get the directions?

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