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Girl commits suicide near first gate

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A girl ages around 16 years named Sanjana Angolkar committed suicide near first gate on railway track.

Witnesses said

First she set her to blaze by pouring petrol òn her body and then went on Railway track.

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The speedy train rammed her where she died on the spot. A bag was found with a note it seems. Police investigating into the matter.

0 thoughts on “Girl commits suicide near first gate”

  1. Condolences to family that lost their child.
    To all the youngsters out there please please suicide is not the solution to any problem.
    How ever grate the problem may be there is always a solution.Talk to your parents your friends your teacher they will always be there for you never take such extreme measures think of your parents your family what suffering they will have to endure because of your action.

  2. Plz don’t do this..

    Weather exam pressure or anything, no relief by ending life..

    Real sufferers will be parents for whole life…

  3. Really upsetting News.
    Condolences for her family.
    By the way What were the witness doing,,,”Taking Pics/Selfies”,,
    At least they should have tried to save her.
    “Smart City – Stupid People”.

  4. its tragic to know about…student should never go to exetremes it sorrows all of us.condolence to the family.

  5. Wat ya… Suicide at dis age. Life gives many chances. Never lose hope… Think of ur family, hard to handle… RIP.


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