Give compensation for land acquired for Airport or at-least give a rope to hang ourselves

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Farmers who gave their land for the expansion of the Sambra airport today asked that they should be given their due compensation or atleast the Govt must give them a rope to hang themselves.

Today during a press conference at Sambra airport, where the new airport terminal would be inaugurated on Sept 14, Farmers Dilip Chavan and Sanadi spoke and asked the BJP leaders present at the conference to atleast get them a rope so that they can hang themselves.

sambra-farmerOut of the 370 acres land acquired, for 250 acres of  land, compensation has to be paid at a rate of 35 lakhs per acre, but the same has not yet been made even after the court issued the same order in 2016.

The farmers said they would stall the inauguration of the terminal if they were not paid.

Sanadi’s 14 acre land has been acquired for airport expansion but he has not been paid his compensation by the airports authority, he said.

8 thoughts on “Give compensation for land acquired for Airport or at-least give a rope to hang ourselves”

  1. This is the FATE of our Country,
    The “Deserved to be Seated, are Standing
    and “Deserved to be Standing, are Seated”.
    If this continues,,,then Definitely Our country will loose its image one day in International levels.

  2. You cannot compensate farmers sitting on a cozy sofa in a semi sleeping state…… Your mind won’t run bcoz your body is feeling so much comfortable, it will not let your mind work…

    I am a big fan of Shri Narendra Modi ji & BJP and always will be.. But I feel bad when voters/distressed public is treated like this by the MP… Have some respect for people..

    Your days are gone Mr MP… I strongly suggest BJP to change its MP candidate in 2019 or await a defeat…

  3. Very sad state of affairs. Farmers have given their land – they need to be compensated and even the courts have given an Order as you say. We cant have development while Farmers are dying. Lets not get politics involved here.

  4. Why is that farmers need to beg, there is no guidelines for this .. Very bad on part of policies.. Cheats everywhere…concerned officials must be held..


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