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Goaves shopping complex may host the Sub-registrar office – South

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To ease the pressure on the Sub Registrar Office, the Revenue Department has issued an order to set up another sub-register office in Belagavi South constituency in September 2020.

The Belagavi sub-Registrar office has the wrath of complaints where people had to stand in Queue for long hours and there was no seating arrangement as well.

Now the location is almost finalized as the officers approved the space available at the Goaves shopping complex at Shri Basveshwar Circle which is more than 3000 sq feet and is apt for this office.

goaves shopping complex

If all goes well the office may start functioning from August this year.

Now the Sub-registrar office will be divided into North and South and the areas under each office have been identified and sent for final approval after which one will have to approach

The South office has 224 areas while the North has 189 divisions.


Belagavi South constituency, Alarwad, Angol, Shahapur, Wadgaon, Tilakwadi, Khasbag, Hosur, Mandoli, Arlikatti, Badas, Bagewadi, Bastwad, Belgundi, Bijgarni, Boknur, Karle, Khasbag, Kinaye, Konduskop, Kudremani, Macche, Marihal, Mutaga, Mutnal, Navage, Nanadihalli, Peeranwadi, Rajhunsgad, Sulage, Savgaon, Santibastwad, Yarmal, Yellur, Zad Shahpur.

North: Belagavi North Constituency including Central Belagavi area, Kakati, Agasge, Alataga, Balekundri, Benakanhalli, Bhutramanhatti, Gojge, Goundwad, Halbhavi, Kadoli, Kanbargi, Kangrali (BK), Kangrali Khurd, Kanbargi, Mannur, Negenhatti, Sambra, Sutgatti, Turmuri, Uchgaon etc

The above list is not exhaustive but only indicative in nature.

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