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Goaves Shopping complex to be demolished

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The Goaves shopping complex owned by the Belagavi City Corporation will be demolished soon as the building has turned dangerous over the years.

A notice pertaining to the same has been issued to all the occupants and 15 days of time has been given to vacate the same.

The occupants have been advised to vacate their premises and hand over the same to City Corporation.

The lease of most of the shops would end on March 31 2022 which was leased to them for 12 years in 2010.

As per the notice after the structural audit of the structure was done by Infra sport Engineering consultants and they submitted the report to the corporation on Nov 2.

goaves shopping complex

As the structure is in bad shape they have advised that the entire construction be demolished as it is in a dangerous condition.

But all the shops’ owners are now in a fix as they are bound to lose their livelihood.
Also, it is unclear as to will a new complex be built or will be utilised differently. The main aim of constructing this complex was to give some financial income to the city Corporation.

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5 thoughts on “Goaves Shopping complex to be demolished”

  1. Twelve years back the building was leased to shopkeepers.. It seems in 12 years the building became dangerous for further use. The investment went very bad. The building contractor is responsible for poor construction and the concerned authorities have colluded with the contractor.. The losses should be assessed and persons responsible should be booked for accountability..

  2. Haan yeh girao kitna saal hogaya ? Sir 30 saal.
    30 saal toh phir yeh dangerous hai
    And all most all the school buildings in Belgaum are more than 50 yrs old and not dangerous
    Hospital building not dangerous
    Places of worship not dangerous
    Old Buildings in camp area not dangerous
    BSNL office not dangerous
    Entire residential buildings in Shahpur, vadgaon, main city market more than 100 years old have mud walls but not dangerous

  3. It’s extremely disheartening to know of this cooked up story. Other buildings are much older than this in the city. What about the rehabilitation of those hundreds of families earning their livelihood.
    The corporation should refrain from this and take up other pressing issues than this.
    Our PM believes in construction and not destruction.
    Poor people can only pray in such fragile situation and mind you authorities DON’T UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF PRAYERS

  4. for your kind information, except BSNL’s office every building in Gujarat clutch district collapsed during earthquake. such a good quality BSNL’s civil wings maintained the quality of the building.

  5. Its very sad . This is big Corona entry in the families of business occupants. Corporation take taxes from them now they are compelling to put their families on road . What is future of their families ? People must come together to help them and must break the habit of just watching the scene.
    Current business owners must get alternate arrangements for their businesses and assuring relocate in the same place once new building is ready.

    Its humanity we must fight against such families distractions approches by BCC.


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