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Gogte Circle and Third gate RoB work to commence simultaneously

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  • New bridge to replace the old British one at an estimated cost of Rs. 12.3 crore at Gogte Circle
  • ROB on Third railway gate on Khanapur Road will be taken up simultaneously at a cost of Rs. 23 crore

Yesterday the officials of the City corporation along with SWR inspected the British built bridge which starts at Gogte Circle and ends at Maratha Mandir.

rob-belagavi-britishThe said bridge will be demolished first as the Railways have already initiated the tender process for the said 4 laned RoB. First the RoB will be demolished by the Corporation and then the new RoB would be built in about 11 months.

Corporation officials urged that the RoB on Third gate also be commenced simultaneously and due to this all the traffic would be diverted from Congress road.

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  1. If they have sense, the should first build the 3d gate bridge before the ROB is demolized. It will create a chaos if there will be no over bridge at both the places at the same time.


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