Gomatesh shed issue heats up CCB meet

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The issue of Gomatesh Vidyapeeth encroaching a said road in Hindwadi was raised by Vinayak Gunjatkar, Chairman of Standing Committee for Town Planning & City Improvements and this heated up the general body meeting of the city corporation today.

Gunjatkar raised the issue that the said shed must be removed otherwise he will go on a strike. Hearing this Gomatesh Vidyapeeth Chairman, MLA Sanjay Patil who was absent for earlier meets spoke up and said that there are many encroachments in the city first remove them and then come to remove mine.

snajay-patilHe said that the matter is in court and hence it is not good to discuss it here in the corporation. Patil further said he had bought the land from one Mr.Kulkarni and due permission were taken from the Corporation.

Sanjay Patil raised the issue of the illegal construction of the vegetable Market, this irked MLA Feroz Saith and he too entered the hot debate.

One notebale point was that all the THREE elected MLAs were supporting each other on the Gomatesh Shed issue.

MLA Said Jinke apne ghar sheeshe ke hoN woh doosron pe patthar naheen phenkaa karte.

Gunjatkar who seemed very active in raising this issue earlier as well was silenced by the MLA’s, if we could say.

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  1. Its a disgrace and unpolitical comment by Mr
    Sanjay Patil being a MLA.
    If there are other illegal encroachment being a leader you should take responsibility to erode it not build your own shed.
    You are leader you have to lead by removing the illegal shed … be a Example of doing good deed not bad, Mr MLA sir

  2. Bella vista also in trouble today. Advocate has complained about AC not clearing wakf land with illegal construction. Page 3 deccan herald.
    Editor a writeup is due on this whole Bella vista stuff.


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