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Good roads of Hanuman Nagar been re-carpeted

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The residents of Hanumana Nagar were shocked to see that road cleaning was been under taken for re-carpeting of the road. The said road is in Good condition and almost no major potholes even then the re-carpeting of the road has been taken up under the 100 crore fund.

The road from NCC office Jadhav nagar to Hindalga Ganpati work has been under taken under the 4th installment of the 100 crore fund. The said road was made last from the first installment of 100 crore fund and hence the same is been re carpeted, sources said.

As much as 80 crores out of the 100 crores is being spent in Belagavi north constituency from the 4th installment of the 100 crore fund.

There are many roads in North only which need immediate repairs but they have been overlooked and roads in good condition are been re laid.

The state of congress road is still very bad and with all the traffic from the same road it will become more worst in the days to come, but the vigilant city corporation is turning a blind eye to such bad roads. Infact the pavers put up at first gate have also become uneven but no one is bothered to repair them.

4 thoughts on “Good roads of Hanuman Nagar been re-carpeted”

  1. I visited the so-called hyped great Bella Vista colony. The road is truly a museum piece fit for exhibition. Wish someone repairs that one instead of relaying good roads.

  2. The local MLA lives in this area and it looks all te funds are diverted to make his area neat & clean. Besides this it is a common knowledge that the big kick-backs from infrastructure projects can be easily pocketed when work is done under their nose!

  3. Aaise news publish karke tum Kya dhanda pani bundh karwadoge Kya?
    Is laying of pavers in the whole of cantonment area necessary ? All though by now the underground Gable and pipe line work have either removed or damaged half of the paver layed and now we are waiting for the tender to be floated for the repair works


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