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Goods vehicles transporting people will be confiscated

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By uday

DC Belagavi, Nitesh Patil, has issued a stern warning to all vehicle owners and passengers alike. It has come to his attention that some people are being transported in goods vehicles, which is strictly prohibited under the Motor Vehicles Act.

To ensure the safety of all citizens, the Election Commission has also taken a serious view of this matter. As a result, police and regional transport officials will be conducting intensive checks across the district from today onwards.

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If any vehicle is found to be carrying passengers, it will be confiscated immediately, and a case will be registered against the owner. The DC has emphasized that even vehicle owners should not allow this practice, as it is a violation of the law.

We urge the public to refrain from traveling in goods vehicles for their own safety. Let us all work together to ensure that our roads are safe and secure for everyone.

3 thoughts on “Goods vehicles transporting people will be confiscated”

  1. I wonder if this step can be implemented successfully. Looks like it is a temporary measure for the election season.
    Every morning, it is a common site to see daily wage workers being transported by contractors to contract work site and back home in the evenings. The same is true for so many vendors who pick up vegetables/fruits from the Mandi in the morning hop on into a shared howdah before setting shop on the roadside till the return trip in the evening. Life is cheap.
    We have come to accept this kind of jugaad in every facet of life.

  2. Its a good step as per rules but many a times we see passenger vehicles are used to transport goods . Espicially autos do. This affect earnings of the goods vehicle owners so they do such things.


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