Govt school Grade 9 students get VC funding for their Pen with a light

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A Venture Capitalist fair was organized by VTU Belagavi to encourage and promote budding entrepreneurs from various walks of life. The fair witnessed a gathering of 25 start-ups and investors.

While most of the start-ups were big and prominent, Dr Manjeet Jain, Founder & CEO of Education India was awed by the students of Katridaddi who have taken the initiative of helping their peers to overcome the struggle due to power cuts in rural areas.

Light Star Group, comprising of students of Grade 9, has created a pen that helps students to write in the dark, using the light source attached to the pen. Intending to resolve the difficulty of studying in the dark due to frequent power cuts in their village, they also endeavor to provide an alternative to other students who face the same issue.

Education India has committed to encouraging rural talent by supporting young budding entrepreneurs from the government schools segment with a keen focus on students from Kannada medium schools.

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The young entrepreneurs of Light Star Group are being encouraged towards success by Dr. Manjeet Jain, Founder& CEO of Education India, who has invested 20Lakhs in this start-up and landed them their first order of 10000 pens.

Following School Children of Govt School Katridaddi Belagavi Dist

1.Gangappa E.Higani

2.Sudeep Hatti

3.Naveen M Dodawad

4.Sunil S Mashiwadi

5.Sudeep s Topagani

6.Premakumar M Hattiholli

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