GR Infraprojects wins bid for Belagavi ring road Package 1 A and Belagavi-Hungund-Raichur section

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GR Infraprojects was the lowest bidder (L-1) bidder for a road project from the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) for the Construction of a 4/6 Lane bypass for Belagavi city from Km 11.00 (Goa side) of NH-4A to Km 516.000 (Pune side) of NH-4 (Design Length 34.480 km) in the state of Karnataka on HAM (Package 1 A).

The project has to be completed within 912 days from the appointed date.

Start Point – Ch. 11.00 Km (Goa side) of NH-4A near Zadshahapur Village

End Point – Ch. 516.00 Km (Pune side) of NH-4 near Bennalli Village

Lane Configuration- 4/6 lane divided carriageway with service road

Proposed ROW – 60M

Design Speed – 100 Kmph

Type of Pavement – Rigid Pavement

Land to be acquired (Ha) – 260 Ha

Cost of Land Rs :73 crores

Cost of Land to be acquired (Cr.) – Total Capital Cost (INR Cr.) Per Km Total Capital Cost (INR Cr / km)


*(State Government of Karnataka has allotted 140 Crs towards 50% of total LA cost of the project of length 69.427km)

Total Capital Cost – Rs.1094 Cr

Cost of Land – Rs. 31.70 Cr

Financial bids received

1 GRIL- 897.37 Cr. (L1)

2. IRB 1035.00 Cr.

3. KNR 1139.94 Cr.

4. MCL- 963.00 Cr.

5. OSE- 985.80 Cr.

6. Ravi Infra- 1047.00 Cr.

G R Infraprojects Limited emerged as L-1 bidder for construction of 4 lanes with paved shoulders from Belagavi-Hungund-Raichur section of NH-748A on Hybrid Annuity Mode. The Rs 740.77 crore project is to be completed 730 days from the appointed date with an operational period of 15 years.


In Belagavi District the highway will pass from Bastwad, Tarihal, Chandanhosur, Khamkarhatti, Shaganmatti

The proposed road which starts from Raichur is the same Belagavi-Bagalkot SH but from Yargatti it will divert via Murgod, Inchal, Lakkundi, Bailhongal, Jakkanaikanakoppa.

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