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Grameen Bharat Sculpture Court in Heritage park at Vaccine Depot by next year

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The Vaccine depot which has a long history to it came into the limelight when there were rumors that it will be a good site for building the Suvarna Vidhan Soudha in August 2007. Environmentalists and nature lovers came together and raised the voice that the rich heritage and the flora and fauna should be saved and preserved.

The government also headed to the demand in late 2008 and it was decided by BUDA (Belagavi Urban Development Authority) that a Heritage park needs to be set up in these 100 acres Vaccine depot without cutting or demolishing many buildings housed in it. In fact, even a foundation stone was laid. In 2009 Infrastructure Development Corporation (Karnataka) Limited made a report on the same and viability of a heritage park and this story is made from that report.

Now the same Heritage park has been proposed to be developed under the Smart city project. The same project made in 2009 has been embodied in this smart city plan. Nothing under the Smart city plan has commenced hence we are still unclear when the actual work on the same would commence.

The Heritage projects within the ABD area under the SMART city component includes. The extent of Heritage Park is 156 acres.
Already Tenders for Phase 1 and Phase 2 have been floated and now under Phase 3 the tender for construction of the
Grameen Bharat Sculpture Court has been floated for Rs.1,91,92,000.

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In 2012 on similar lines of the Siddhagiri Gramjivan Museum (Kaneri Math) at Kaneri near Kolhapur, a Grameen Bharat Sculpture Court was planned by MLA Abhay Patil then. Then work had commenced in 2012 and around 20 sculptures were ready and it was to be completed in 2013. But BUDA who was looking after this did not focus on the project and it never picked up from there.

Now the same plan has been reviewed under the Smart city project and it will have the following in the Grameen Bharat Sculpture Court –

Women Milk Vendor, Cooking Women, Mane Pagadi Scene in panchayat Katte, Pehalwan in Near Temple, Farmer House Buffalo, Carpenter, Weaver, Hair Cutting Saloon, Man lighting Road lamp, Dasayya, Jangama, Budbudaki, Helava, Primay School scence Teacher, Primay School scence children, Grazing Children,Cow Calf,Goat,Dog,Sheep, etc, Cow and Oxen Infront of House, Farmer Family Driving Cart and Couple, Children with Animals Cow Bafalo Goat, Large Cattle in Grazing, Farmer Woman in Rice Paddy, Cottages and Huts Farms, Women in Kitchen.
There will be a huge entrance gate.

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