Halga Macche bypass compensation hiked

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The 9 km Halga Macche bypass planned has not materialized as the farmers have protested against the same almost all of the land is fertile and multiple crops are been taken.

About 130 acres of land will have to be acquired for the 9 ms stretch which will pass through Halga, Zadshahpur, Madhavpaur, Old Belagavi, Vadgaon, Shahpur, Mache.

Each time some kind of survey is undertaken for the same the farmers have agitated strongly as they say taking fertile land for such projects are not feasible, as they rely upon farming only.

The total compensation planned earlier was 9 crores and now the same has been hiked to 13 crores. The process of land acquisition was first started in 2008.

The farmers had even suggested an alternate route which would be longer but would have the least impact on farm land.

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