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Have your own blog and a custom domain & all that for FREE with Hyperwebenable

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Getting a free blog with a sub-domain is not hard to find but every user with a free blogging service has some limitations to the features. Sites like and which provide free blog domain and free hosting for that, but you are limited to a sub domain, but Hyperwebenable allows you to select your choice of domain and not just the sub domains. Confusing! Let me make it simple.

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Whenever you sign up with blogger or wordpress you get a sub domain i.e. or as I started and then it went on to become

In addition to your bolg, Hyperwebenable provides you with various addon scripts like forums, CMS, image hosting or any scripts of your choice and lot and lots more. You don’t have know anything about it, they will all set it up and make it running, but yes you will need to write on the blog, they won’t do that for you.

And why would anyone in this world do all this for free? No they would place some ads on the blog that’s it and those ads will also be related to your blog site and posts. If your site generates more than 100 page views per day, then there are only 2 banners ads displayed in a web page. If your website gets less than 100 page views a day, 4 banner ads would be displayed in your web page.

And you can also earn from your blog by placing ads from different ad networks like Adsense etc.

To me this service has given me a platform to make a start and show the world about Belgaum. So guys get going.. Check the free website and blog service at

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