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Hawkers menace in Ganpat Galli

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Ganpat Galli heart of the city of Belagavi, which was widened in the early 1990’s but even now its a one way and even then you cant drive through easily thanks to the hawkers there.

Yesterday, the police itself had their own share of this menace, when a police constable in civil dress tried to argue with a fruit hawker as to why is he blocking the road and that it ended up in a squabble and even some physical action on the street.

However no complaint has been registered but this hawker menace is on the rise and has to be controlled.
Not only Ganpat Galli, but now they have spread to other areas like Kirloskar road, Ramdev Galli, Samadevi Galli.

The police must take strict action against them and ensure free flow of traffic.

5 thoughts on “Hawkers menace in Ganpat Galli”

  1. All these things are happening only due to support of local politicians and inactiveness of police force. Police can harrass innocent people but cannot take any actions against such goondas.

  2. Normally in every city certain areas are earmarked for hawkers similarly Ganpat galli is a market place and certainly the place for hawkers. Hawkers should be allowed in Ganpat galli with a strict ban on roads like Ramdev galli & Kirloskar road.
    How can a person drive thru the market, Ganpat galli should be made a no vehicle entry zone.

  3. Fruit seller and Auto walas near buststand, khade bazaar and etc. Are supported by our politicains, even if police or civil servants try to take some actions they are blocked 🙂

  4. Road is big enough but hawkers ho stand in middle of the road with the entries to traffic police and municipalty corporstion people are tired and suffering but neither corporation neither traffic police takes any action against them but if they take that is only for few hours to show people


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