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Helping Hands: Volunteers paying back to the Society

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Young generation or the aforementioned Next Generation these days go to pubs, discos and booze around and the parents say work hard, concentrate on your work. In all this busy scheduling of time for home, parents, and a host of girl friends or boy friends and of course work, the next gen tends to give away most of the time.

A few young lads going through this mundane job came together faraway from their home town in Bangalore where they were working just to meet each other and share their joys and sorrows. And with these meetings happening every week, there spurt an idea. Why don’t we do something for the society?
“A Journey of thousand miles must begin with a single step”
This is a story of a group of people mainly working themselves out in front their Pc’s coding things out and getting some other codes out.

Vvolunteers was the name that thought suited them best.
These volunteers are mainly from north Karnataka mainly from Belgaum and others from places like Hubli, Chikodi, Bijapur etc.

This Organization will be strongly built by collecting funds through teamwork. Each member can willingly to donate according to her/his own interest. (It’s your own interest of helping in kind or in cash). This collection of funds would be utilized in different forms like paying school fees for poor student, operation for the poor/unaffordable people and also these funds will be given to the Charity, to Blind School, Orphanage, Old Age Homes, etc.

It is precisely the reason Vvolunteers are calling you as to add about your planning and funds to the Organization. However, in any point of time Vvolunteers would clearly explain how their solutions work and how it will be helpful to the poor. Of course they assure that you are free to add your thinking and valuable suggestions.

On 13th Jan 2007 VVolunteevolu1rs team had been to “Tunga Bhadra Oldage Home” Bangalore. This was the First Step towards their journey, they all had a lots and lots of beautiful & Unforgettable memories of it. They not only donated money but also spent quality time by cooking for the old.

A girl named Gayatri from Dharwad who has finished her SSLC this year and has secured fabulous 95%. She was willing to do her further studies, but she had financial problems. Vvolunteers (Kiran and Ravivolu2 ) came to know about this through some source and went to their home and asked them what exactly the matter is and in which way they can help her and assured that they will be helping her.

On behalf of the group they paid her college fees. Now she will be pursing her further studies. She has taken admission in J.S.S. College, Dharwad for PUC 1st year (Science).
Now On 2nd October Vvolunteers again visited one more “OLD AGE HOME” near Basaveshwar Nagar, Bangalore. This time we are able to sponsor Medicines for around 10 Mentally retarded people for a 15 Days and provided some Food grains.

The point of sharing this story is to highlight the possibilities that can emerge when the next gen comes together keeping aside their differences and instead focusing on their positives. The story of Vvolunteers has shown that even in this self lived world one can still stay together to make a meaningful difference by collaborating.

” A Ship Is Always Safe In The Shore But That Is Not It Is Built For “

I hope this post encourages some of you to come together and make a difference to society – no matter how small it may seem in the beginning.
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Disclaimer: The author of this blog does not take any responsibility for any monetary donations made and how they will be utilized. It’s the donor’s sole responsibility. I am just trying to encourage them.

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