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Hidden cam found in BPO women washroom, probe underway

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The New Indian Express has made this story a hidden camera was found in the women’s washroom of a noted foreign-based Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) located at Tilakwadi in Belagavi, recently.

The Paper further states, a woman sweeper found the mounted hidden camera while cleaning and told other women employees.
According to sources, the sweeper had accidentally hit the hidden camera, which then fell into the water.

The frightened sweeper rushed out of the washroom and told the other women employees that she had accidentally broken something. When they went to check, they discovered that it was a hidden camera.
Responding to the incident, the owner, who lives abroad,  came down heavily on the center’s manager for his administrative negligence. 
The BPO which was loss-making shut down.

Meanwhile, the incident of the hidden camera which was aimed at recording women in the washroom reached the city police commissioner.

He then deputed a special police squad to investigate the case. Sources say that the police have already started an inquiry. They have also taken one accused in their custody and are thoroughly interrogating him. However, no case has been registered in connection with any police station.

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