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Hindu organizations protest against celebrations of Tipu Jayanti

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Various Hindu organisations including the VHP, Bajrang Dal and BJP took out a protest march from Rani Chennamma Circle to DC office and gave a memorandum to the DC condemning the act of the State govt of celebrating Tipu Sultan Jayanti.


BJP leader Sanjay Patil said that it is not wrong to consider sending Chief Minister Siddaramaiah to Pakistan, as he had doubts about his religious affiliation.

The memorandum said that the act of State Govt is nothing but appeasement politics of a certain group of voters.

6 thoughts on “Hindu organizations protest against celebrations of Tipu Jayanti”

  1. This happens when there is an increase in “ILLITERACY” & especially the Elected leaders are “Illiterate”.
    They dont have any work except protesting for nothing. I guess they have not gone through the Actual Indian History.
    And whenever they speak, they always remember Pakistan before India. I dont know what is the connection between them & Pakistan, ha ha ha

  2. I would suggest CM to concentrate on the work, people are having problems..

    Instead he is posing himself as a hero in front of a community..

    But no community can be fooled, all the people want development, enough of Appeasement by political leaders….

    Let us not fall in the trap of any leader…


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