Honest Government babu honored by citizens at Belagavi


It is said, “In bureaucracy, honest officer is an orphan”.

Today, being honest seems to be a challenge in itself and an unwise decision. People prefer those who are diplomatic and not forthright.

Nagappa Talavar who works at the BUDA office was honored today by Mahant Vakkund and his friends for being honest in his work. BUDA commissioner N Ravindra was also present during the felicitation.IMG_9835

Speaking to AAB, Mahant said, “Every one sucks in BUDA. For paying my house tax at his desk just to pay Rs 675/- he directly asked me 3000 extra.

I approached this gentleman Nagappa Talavar and with frustration when I went with documents and a bribe and told him that please don’t delay my work and finish at the earliest.

But this gentleman, returned my money and honestly said “Sir I am not here for this kind of work. Please don’t pay me this and I don’t do my work for such money. The Govt pays for the work I do and I am satisfied.”


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  1. Honesty is always recognised, sooner or later but it will be. Good work by this citizen to felicitate him.. well done.

  2. Good initiative by Mahant Vakkund . Honest govt officials definitely need this kind of recognition & encouragement from the public.


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