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Hotel New Grand makes its Exit


The very well known restaurant in Belagavi Hotel New Grand will make its exit from its current location where it served the citizens since 1948 on College road.

hotel-new-grand belagaviThe owners of the hotel were into a legal battle, which they seem to have lost and from Tuesday the hotel will be closed sources said.


The hotel was very well known to all and it was famous for its Uppit, Puri Bhaji amongst others dishes.

Many morning walkers would make it a point to have their breakfast and then head back home.

The hotel which has served the citizens since 1948 could be opened elsewhere in a different location but the same has not yet been identified.

Definitely this exit will hurt the bellies of the foodies.




  1. I used to come her for my breakfast when i stayed in belgaum ..Do u know whom to contact to get this hotel back in action? The best hotel in belgaum!!!!!!

  2. It is one of best hotels in Belgaum. I am regular customer since 1992 till now. This hotel has many memories of our friends.

  3. Really miss those good old days. We used to have Uppit at least once or twice a week. Most of my friends from JNMC used to visit New Grand in the evenings.

  4. After staying in belgaum and before leaving to Mumbai we always had idli in morning at new grand.

    When we were studying in lingraj college we should always had snacks in new grand.

    We miss NG

  5. Really we miss the taste of new grand..!! ..the ultimate kurma poori.. And the TOMOTO AMLET.. unforgettable..

  6. Best of All was TOMATO OMELET and it is not available with that special soup anywhere . We all will surely miss that when we visit Belgaum next.

  7. Soft Idlis, Puri Bhaji, Uppit were delicacies without any doubt. But Tomato Omelet Was the best and UNIQUE . We would surely miss all these whenever we visit Belgaum next. A Sad news for all of us.

  8. NEW GRAND hotel in new location come with VERY NEW GRAND style that people from 1948 to now will remember with its NEW AVATAR

  9. Miss the Puri Bhaji, whenever I or my Family are in Belgaum we make it a point if having a breakfast at NEW GRAND, we will miss the same.

  10. I remember visiting this restaurant in the late 60s but not sure of its exact location. Was it near Rex talkies. I think the one on college road near samadevi Galli was mitra samaj. Is it still there?

  11. I request the owner to shift the hotel…. Instead of closing it. Many people’s memories attached to the taste of new grand restaurant.

  12. अतिशय दुःखद बातमी आहे .खूप सुखद आठवणी न्यू ग्रॅण्डशी निगडीत आहेत .

  13. In college days 1990 we were staying in kaliambri on rent base rooms we brought rotis from our house for night dinner the hotel owner is giving free khurma it was very tasty to eat along with hard Rotis we will never forget those days & never forget that sweet day’s we heartfully thank the NEW GRAND HOTEL OWNER

  14. Puri bhaji was my favourite morning breakfast
    So good taste …..
    I used to have daily breakfast @ Rs.5.50 in 1992 college days with friends
    I have travelled many places in six states but such a good taste cannot be found
    Kudos to New Grand

  15. Its a hotel we have grown up eating since my school was adjacent to the restaurant mvms English medium school . Have fond memories of the restaurant. Miss u new grand

  16. Somethings can never be replaced, this was one such thing happened to we Belgaumites.
    My fav Puri Bhaji like New Grand can never be recreated.

  17. Sad to hear of New Grand’s closure. It was a favorite snacks restaurant for jnmc medicos during the seventies. I remember the owner (late) Uncle Bandari faithfully siting at the counter. Sometimes his elder son (late) Vasant Bandari (a close friend of mine) used to cover. The younger son Nitin Bandari was groomed to take over Hotel Milan. We fondly remember their sincere services to us. God bless.

    • absolutely true .. such fond memories.Whenever we planned any trips .. morning breakfast at new grand would be on the top of list.

  18. One of the best land mark which had belgaum to remember for many visitors who visited this hotel & enjoyed the delicious breakfast.
    We definitely miss that.

  19. Very sad to know about the closure of this ” grand” hotel. I have been enjoying the dishes in this hotel since 45 years! Let God give strength to the owner to start this hotel again in Belgaum.

  20. Very sad.. I agree exactly my thoughts with all the above comments except the one which is negative.
    It was a great place. Even my papa’s generation cherish the memories.

  21. I have fond memories of my PUC days when puri bhaji was 1.80 rs tomato omlette 1.50 rs on competition I ate six puri bhaji in 1 sweep really miss it hope it will start in a new place

  22. I will miss the famous puri bhaji and kurma puri . Guys let us know about their new location. But it was a heritage

  23. I have been a regular at this hotel past 23 years. It has satisfied our taste buds through wonderful dishes like Puri bhaji and tomato omellette, etc. Sad to know it’s closing. What’s the new location?

  24. Sorry to hear that New Grand restaurant is getting closed. Had many lovely memories. During my college days we usually used to visit this place for morning breakfast & evening snacks. This place was very light on pockets during those hostel & college days… feels very very sorry. Looking forward to see u again very soon nearby.

  25. We miss New Grand Hotel.. Specially for its ideal location and for its famous puri bhaji.. further it’s common meeting point for friends specially for those migrated from Begaum.. dont want to miss this gathering spot during next visit… Hope hotel management will come up with relocation plan soon.. !

  26. We all miss u NEW GRAND Our sweet memories of our college days 1983 puri bhaji morning break fast evening tomato omelette

  27. Tomato Omlet, Kurma Puri , Tea & other dishes were very tasty since 45- 50 years I remember.We are missing hereafter

  28. Very sad ? I was regular to this restaurant during my GA High school days & RLS College days.
    When ever I visit Belgaum is used to have Puri Bhaji .

  29. Yes …it will hurt not only the foodies,will be loss of heritage . It was a proud heritage serving since the Indepemdance of our country …Genarations together have their memories . I was not aware of the legal issues …Need to support these old establishments since they are part of our society since ages

  30. Very sad to hear about New Grand Hotel being closed.Quality of the hotel was very good & the rates too were reasonable.

  31. It’s my favorite hotel for “uppit” and ‘tomato omelette’. Really miss the taste. Which is the new location?

  32. I always enjoyed visiting this Restaurant while I was studyng at Sardars High school, later while attending Lingraj College. Feel sorry that it will be erased out from the Map of Belgaum. Still remember the refreshments we enjoyed whenever we visited erstwhile Rex Talkies for premiers of Hindi Cinemas.

  33. sad news …. belgaumites all hotels starts Chinese dishes but only hotels means anjanta n new grand only Indian…..we miss Puri bhaji..?

  34. I have lots of memorys in this hotel every Saturday morning school started 8 so my Papa go and buy the idli chatani for my tiffin box …… I love chatani for this hotel very much …. I am challenge if any one buy 5 to 6 different chatni in that one chatni for this hotel and others for different hotels I will find correct one … His chatni tasty was super ….I miss this place…. Please inform where is shifted


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