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House burgled in SV colony when family had gone out

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House of a Govt contractor Balkrishna Godse was robbed at around 9 PM on Wednesday night when the entire family had just gone to Kakti for the Jatra. The house situated at Swami Vivekanad Colony in Tilakwadi near the Ganesh Temple.

The family left the house at 8.30 and by the time they returned at 10.45 PM they found that the grill of the window was cut and the house was robbed.

They burglars seems to have entered from a 3×3 feet window on the rear side on the bunglow and looted about 350 grams gold ornaments and about 4 lakhs cash.

This incident has given a shock to the residents of the area, where last year a robbery was foiled due to the alertness of a security guard again in Swami Vivekanad Colony in Tilakwadi.

The incident might have occurred around 9 PM during which time there is movement of people. The robbery at this time raises alarms on the working of the police and that the robbers fear no one.

The police are investigating the matter but this seems to be the handy work of someone who knew that the family was to go for a outing and then heisted the house.

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