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How much cash can one carry during Election Code of conduct

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By uday

As per the Election Commission guidelines issued regarding the carrying of cash and gift articles during the upcoming elections. Individuals must possess valid documents if they are carrying cash above Rs 50,000 or gift articles worth over Rs 10,000. However, no documentation is required for cash below Rs 50,000.

Any unexplained cash exceeding Rs 50,000 will be seized and only released after it is proven to have no connection with the elections. If the seized amount from an individual is above Rs 10 lakh, it will be referred to the Income Tax Department.

To avoid any complications, individuals who have withdrawn cash should keep their passbooks as proof. Private individuals and businessmen must hold three documentary proofs, including legal source and end use, besides business. Anyone carrying cash above the fixed limit will have to explain its source and destination.

How much cash can one carry during Election Code of conduct

If the amount exceeds Rs 10 lakh, the income tax department will be informed, and the sum will only be released after necessary proofs are provided. District collectors have been instructed to inform squads to seize cash exceeding Rs 50,000 from politicians and party leaders immediately, as it would be presumed for bribing votes.

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