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How safe is Belagavi for Women?

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From Delhi to Hyderabad, from Kolkata to Goa, incidents of rape and sexual assault are happening in almost every city of the country. From slums to doctors, from engineers to laborers, no category of women has been spared in this heinous act.

The girl raped in Delhi was returning from a movie, the girl raped in Hyderabad from returning from her office whereas the girl raped in Bengal was sitting in her own home.

In such a situation, though Belagavi is known for its calm nature, let us not take things for granted and be ready with our own measures and initiatives so that Belagavi too is not added to the infamous list.

As per reports, only 20% of the Nirbhaya funds (allocated for women safety) have been utilized by the states. We request the administration in Belagavi to utilize these funds effectively and take initiatives to make Belagavi a women-friendly and safe city.

What is needed?

CCTV cameras at multiple locations in the city.

An active 24×7 helpline number dedicated only for ladies.

Quick action team for women related crimes and missing reports. Dedicated day in every week (Sakhi darbar) to hear cases about domestic violence and harassment.


Lady police constables on a bike for additional patrolling.

Policy for women safety at corporate companies to ensure the safety of women at work.

Ladies only local bus services and encourage ladies only auto rickshaws.

Street lights in every corner of the city.

Maintaining clear sightlines to public spaces by cutting back shrubs

Ladies toilets throughout the city which is much needed for years.

Training and awareness sessions for women in judo, karate, martial arts and self-defense.

Training sessions for ladies about the rights and provisions for women.

Smart apps that will have the panic button on mobiles.

GPS tracking system

Well-lit and well-surveilled parking lots with clear sightlines to the street and the buildings surrounding it are important, especially at night. Train stations, train platforms, bus stations that feel safe and comfortable for women are also extremely important. Women-friendly transportation infrastructure ensures that women have equal access to all parts of the city.

The police should release maps where cases of eve-teasing, molestation were reported and special care should be taken at those places.

The list may look big but very much needed so that we don’t have another Nirbhaya in Belagavi or any part of India or the world for that matter.

When cities in India are safer for sisters and mothers, Bharat Mata ki Jai and Vande Mataram will echo in the entire world.

3 thoughts on “How safe is Belagavi for Women?”

  1. IMHO births of all girls should be monitored. Why? That’s pretty obvious but starting at this point. Making sure ALL babies survive post birth is the first step to ensuring female safety.

  2. #India is not safe for females(babies,kids,young, old). We live in a country where we fear to live our life. That’s all the result of the upbringing of a man who is not taught to respect not just their family females but the rest too. To that the criminals family will still support him that’s such a shame. Then why do you think such acts will not take place when we have support from the family and friends.DO U EVEN THINK ONCE WHAT IF UR FAMILY FEMALES PASS THROUGH ALL OF THIS?WHY NOT ALL MALES ARE TAUGHT TO RESPECT EVERY FEMALE AND MAKE THEM FEEL SAFE AND COMFORT AT LEAST IN OUR OWN COUNTRY.THESE CRIMINALS MUST BE HANDED TO PUBLIC THEY MUST BE GIVEN SUCH A TREATMENT THAT NO ONE DARES IN FUTURE TO EVEN THINK ABOUT ANY SUCH ACTS THE PAIN MUST BE HORRIFIC THAT EVEN A THOUGHT OF THAT SOUGHT WILL HORRIFY THEM.


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