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Income tax offices to be shifted: Only 1 ward ITO in Belagavi

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Belagavi being the second biggest district after Bengaluru of the state in terms of Area, business and tax collection and and which is also christened as the second capital, is losing its glory due to shifting of major offices from the city one after the other.

As far as income tax is concerned it had Principal Commissioners office, Commissioner (appeals), and 2 Range Joint Commissioner and 2 Assistant Commissioners and 6 Officers apart from investigation wing having its own Joint Commissioner and Assistant commissioner covering North Karnataka and Goa.
In comparison, there are going to be 2 commissioners and 10 Range officers in Hubballi.
On account of implementation of faceless assessment scheme and creation of National e-assessment centre and Regional e assessment centre, we have noticed that henceforth there is going to be only one income tax officer ward under Range 1 Hubli and who will be under Pr CIT Panaji and who turn will be under Bengaluru CCIT-I Karnataka and Goa.
As clarified above as Belagavi is the second largest tax paying city in Karnataka , haying a rich heritage very good connectivity it is prayed that atleast Range office with more number of Income tax officers be allotted to Belagavi city, for better tax administration connectivity to all the cities of North Karnataka.
would therefore urge you to allot a Range Office in Belagavi City for better tax administration in North Karnataka. may also mention that Govt. of Karnataka had already provided 4.5 acres of land in Belagavi City for setting up of Income Tax Office.

The Chartered accountants of Belagavi who have given a memorandum to MosR Suresh Angadi say even if it is a faceless assessment era, however, there will be many occasions where citizens will have to appear before the tax administrative in cases such as rectification applications u/s. 154, reopening of assessments by the income tax department or assessee u/s. 263/264 , surveys u/w. 133A, TDS , transfer of cases to assessing officers u/s. 245.
The memorandum pitches that Belagavi have a regional e-assessment centre.

In this regard chartered accountants of Belagavi have given a memorandum to union state minister of railways Suresh Angadi urging
to retain the oces of income tax and be made Belagavi as regional e-assessment centre as already land of 4.5 acres at Ganeshpur has been allotted to income tax department in Belagavi and approval plan to construct a building and staff quarters thereon is also in process.

REQUEST FOR CREATION OF REAC ASSESSMENT UNIT AT BELAGAVI An REAC has been created at Kalaburagi. Mangalore and Hubballi, consequent to which it is proposed to create a residual range M Hubballi. It is humbly submitted that the assessment snit may kindly be shifted from Kalburagi to Belagavi, as the said change will not oMy be beneficial for the department but also the Income-tax fraternity working at Belagavi. The below mentioned points are submitted in support of the above claim made: a) Belagavi is the second capital of Karnataka having good connectivity, infrastructure and weather. b) The transport connectivity be it road, train or air is one of the best in Belagavi. In fact, the Belagavi airport is the second busiest airport in Karnataka. c) The station is also amongst the smart city projec. and having good infrastructure. d) Belagavi has good connectivity with even Panaji and shortest distance station from Panaji. e) Belagavi has been amongst the top budget achievers of North Karnataka region as well. f) The city is an education hub having Medical, Dental, Engineering, MBA, law colleges and even Kendriya Vidyalaya in the city. g) Being the border district to Maharashtra, officers from Maharashtra region also generally prefer the place for choice posting as there is direct connectivity to Pune and Mumbai. h) The assessment units under REAC nave 20 ITOs to be posted for efficient running of the office and which if given to Gulbarga will be very difficult as geographically it is positioned in it place from where the connectivity is very poor and considered as a hardship place. i) Belagavi is one of the central places of Karnataka having good infrastructure of health and education and officers/officials from all over the state will be more than willing to be posted in Belagavi station. j) Since the REAC units are falling under CCIT, Panaji, th case the nearby stations are selected for assessment unit, it will be easier for monitoring as well as commutation for CCIT. Belagavi being hardly 120 kms from Panaji is one of the ideal choice. On the other hand Kalaburagi is around 480 kms from Panaji making it difficult for CCIT for supervision and commutation. k) Belagavi is having Investigation, Central and I&CI offices. If Assessment unit is created at Belagavi, it will be ideal for better co-ordination in case of sharing/passing of information related to survey/search actions. I) Belagavi office possess the necessary infrastructure to Ithuse 4 Addl.CIT and requisite number of ITO’s and staff t the existing building without the need

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  1. Hidden political blackmailing is going on in Belgaum district development, request to bring this bad blackmailing politics of our district to the central government awareness please raise the issue regarding this with PM

  2. And earlier the income tax department offices building construction was opposed infront of fort this reason is now relevant to the shifting of office and this is the politics, be wise !!


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