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Incomplete smart city works claims one more life near CBT

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In a Very unfortunate incident a person from Gandhinagar lost his life as he fell down and open steel bars pierced his body as he fell on them near CBT. 

The deceased has been identified as Mehmood Mulla aged 65. 

The incident occurred at 8 pm on Saturday near the entrance of the CBT where the steel bars for the divider have been kept open. 

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Mulla lost his step and fell down on those open bars killing him on the spot. 

This is not the first incident in which the lethargic work of the smart city has claimed life’s. 

On Mandoli road also similar incident had occurred. 

0 thoughts on “Incomplete smart city works claims one more life near CBT”

  1. It is the blunder mistake of the Central Government who introduced Smart City Plans.These huge funds would have been utilized for the fundamental purpose such as Rural drinking water,Health care etc works.Further to notice the works have been allowed to such Contractors, who have No skills and No modern machines.

  2. Proper barrication proper marking is prime duty of contractors and at the same time public should educate themselves. Chalta hain , nadyati ri, chalte gheya attitude jab tak nai jayega yeh hoga. Baking sab apni Jeb garam karenge.

    Ek buddha hi mara hain na koi politician to nai then it’s ok

  3. How many more lives you want to take Sri .Smart City in charge.Open your eyes and go around the city.Complete one side and then begin with the next.Are you making a smart City or filling your pocket by taking so much time?it is difficult for you to understand until one of your closest people becomes a victim.


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