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Inox Food court seized for charging bottled water more than MRP 


The district administration in a first major move to curb the over charging of Bottled water has raided Inox Cinemas in Camp and seized the food court as the bottled water with MRP of 20 was being sold for Rs.50.AC Kavita Yogappannavar led her team and seized the food court around 2.45 PM today.

There had been various complaints made to the Administration and recently Advocate Harshavardhan had filed cases and also submitted a memorandum to the DC in this regards.


Only the food court has been seized but the movie screening is in progress.



  1. Good job done. Much needed. Same action has to be taken in every field. Not only with the water bottle but also with eatables need to be done.

  2. Good job. Catch these crooks charging in excess. They are no different from auto drivers ripping off common guys.

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