Inspired living – The Noble Mantra of Hari Om NGO

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Two sisters dreamed to inspire, encourage and initiate at all times all forms of humanitarian activities so that human & animal suffering can be minimized and even prevented and thus contribute to creating more congenial climate. Aditi and Manohari came up with an Idea of a NGO when in school and other 5 friends supported them in their cause. Shweta, Swati and other friends who all are alumni of M V Herwadkar school are now on the board of the “HARI OM” NGO. HARI OM is a Belgaum based registered voluntary organization which focuses on education of children below poverty line, socio-economic empowerment of women, care and rehabilitation of physically and mentally challenged, community development, environment conservation & ethical treatment of animals so as to uphold love, peace and equality in society.

HARI OM plans to vigorously seek support and contribution from society to aid and oversee constant progress and upliftment of underprivileged people & animal welfare.

Volunteer after teaching craft


Started in 2008, over four years the team of Hari Om have worked for many causes. These students have recognised their social responsibility at a very early age which is a very good sign for the community. 

They began the good deeds with very little money they had by giving tuitions school in Belgaum city for physically challenged. The NGO is registered as a non profit organization under Societies Act on May 6th 2008.
They now have adopted 2 Govt schools under GOI school adoption pro gramme and look after education and overall growth of the kids. They hold regular events of drawing, elocution competitions in these schools as the Govt schools are devoid of extracurricular activities and they believe, these kids should not be discriminated just because they go to Govt schools and not the private ones.

Project Paathshala


They now plan to start the first ever mobile library for these schools, where members would go and distribute books to kids in various schools on a periodic basis. The reason to start a library is the Govt schools are devoid of such facilities and this reflects on the general growth of the children, hence by providing them books to read Hari Om intends to develop their reading habits as well as help them know many things other than their curriculum.

The physically challenged children were facing problems at schools as they have difficulty in catching up on the subjects taught as most of the kids that we were working with were cerebral palsy patients.prizedistribution

This mentality of the society needs to be changed – They found the need for change and hence started a tuition school for the challenged called “Project Patashala”. These children were registered in Govt school and taught at Hari OM school. The NGO trained the physically challenged college drop out women to tuition them under supervision. Finally at the end of first year these kids wrote their exams with their own hands. They also saw to it that they were educated about their health and hygiene. They were encouraged to walk and today many of these children walk with help of calipers and crutches.

Now from 14 kids currently the ngo is looking after 170 kids in two schools – one marathon and one Kannada. Also they have donated sports equipment to both schools.

By this month end they would be starting a mobile library under the “Project Granthalay”; the books being donated by our members.

The NGO has also held many women empowerment programs like paper bag making, warli painting,

Environment conservation project where, Yellur gad was cleaned.

Currently the NGO has strong 100 members from various colleges, engineers, doctors etc. and the membership is open for all with annual fee of INR 120/-.

Donations details can be found on their website

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