Intelligent Smart poles at 9 locations

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The Belagavi Smart city ltd. Is no envisaging the installation of the Intelligent Smart poles at as many as 9 locations in the city reports the Sakal.

The poles will also have a panic button and all the poles will be connected to the Command Control center, so in case of an emergency the panic response will be routed to the police from the Command center.

These poles have huge LED screens installed which would be sharing live updates about traffic and some other announcements.

led-screen smart poleFor instance, if there is a traffic jam or slow movement of traffic the same would be displayed so the commuters can decide on the route to take.

The poles will have Environmental Sensors to monitor Air quality, temperature, humidity and other 9 levels. Even Wi-Fi hotspot services for the city can be operated from this pole.

The location where such screens/poles have been installed – Rani Chennamma Circle, Krishnadevaraya Circle, Ashoka Circle, Dharmveer Sambhaji Maharaj Circle, Gogte Circle, Basveshwar Circle, Nath Pai Circle, RPD Cross, Mandoli Road.

6 thoughts on “Intelligent Smart poles at 9 locations”

  1. Good move… Effort should be made in finalisation of pole location in designated areas, so as to not hamper traffic.. further maintaining these digital boards in Karnataka’s Chirapunji ( considering this year rain fall) big task for years to come…!

  2. Will these poles be able to alert residents before their houses get flooded?
    Beggar on the street, right at their feet but no. I’ll ignore him and focus on the person who has tripped and fallen down 10 kilometres ahead.


  3. What about the smart holes on the streets? Looks like another disaster to happen. Looking at the smart poles and falling into the smart holes on the street!!

  4. First keep roads free of potholes.. belgaum corporation should start a dept it should do only filling of potholes in the city. So that atleast city will b free from potholes atleast if not smooth roads.. why you keep potholes open. If u repair further damage is reduced. Riders also will be happy. Foolish fellows plz think on these lines instead of smart poles. Dont waste money given by modi ji


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